Steve's Campaign

The Story So Far

Our adventurers hail from the small keep town of Crydee on the Western coast of the Kingdom. Duke Borek is returning from court by sea, and the choosing is days away. Rodrick Stonebridge and Jarden have been sent to collect crabs for the the upcoming celebratory feast in honor of the choosing.

While collecting crabs a few hours outside of town, Jarden notices the lighthouse is not lit. A storm looms in the distance. Our heroes recognize that the lighthouse must be lit or there will be dire consequences for the Duke.

Cutting across the shore, and fighting many deadly monsters, the party goes through a tidal cave to get to the lighthouse. In this cave is a horrific crab/man/spider monster, which lays in wait on the ceiling. The crab monster alternates pulling Rodrick and Jarden up to the ceiling with its web, as they struggle to break free. After a struggle, Rodrick slips down into the rough sea below. Jorden jumps in to try and rescue Rodrick, but Rodricks heavy armor prevents him from swimming. As he begins to suffocate, Rodrick rips his armor off just as he passes out. Struggling to swim with the weight of his companion, Jarden barely manages to reach shore alive and stabilize Rodrick.

Once inside the lighthouse the party finds the keeper dead, apparently of natural causes. The lighthouse is lit and the party spends the next two weeks slowly healing with no access to magic. The party returns and tells the duke of the lighthouse keeper, and the duke is grateful for the help of Jarden and Rodrick.

On the day of the choosing, Jarden and Rodrick become Squires of the Duke.

The party rescues the dukes daughter, a princess to the throne.

The party encounters a strange ship made out of magical wood with wood wearing people aboard.

Stan tells the party that the ship is from another world in space, and that they are planning to invade our world.

The Duke assigns the party to the guard of the Kingdom’s capital city Krondor.

Arriving in Krondor, the group meets Derek Wulfhelm. Derek is a Dwarf in charge of the city guard. Derek gives the group their orders, and sends them on patrol.

On patrol, the party overhears the screams of Suzanne Harper, whose husband is dead. The group investigates and Jarden finds a poisoned dagger which was thrown through the window. Investigating the rooftop reveals a torn piece of cloth with a silver hawk wing. The group talks to the wife again and she reveals a note that she found threatening Thomas to lower his prices or else.

The group sets out to interrogate Thomas’s partner Duggo Mimblestich, a Halfling. Duggo reveals that he was contacted by the group to bring a box from Kesh. The party agrees to protect Duggo while he gets his things in order. Jarden stays in the house to protect Duggo while Rodrick climbs the roof across the street for a good vantage point. The assassin comes and a brawl breaks out on the rooftop. The assassin is gravely injured and he escapes by starting a fire in Duggo’s house to distract the party. Jarden Rescues Duggo from the house while Rodrick coordinates civilians to put out the fire. Duggo gives the group instructions to get the shipping log from his warehouse.

The group goes to the warehouse, but the office has already been ramshackled. The party reviews the shipping log and discovers the Silver Thrush will be arriving at the docks soon. Unbeknownst to the party the looters are actually still in the warehouse. Rodrick is hit with a poison dagger that paralyzes him and leaves him an inch from death. Jarden is left on his own to deal with two assasins. When the assassins are killed, their bodies are trapped and burst into chemical flames. There is no time to loot the warehouse as thick chemical smoke quickly fills the area and the party begins choking.

The party arrives at the docks and boards the Silver Thrush after it pull in. Everyone on board is busy unloading when amphibious Kobolds board the ship and begin slaughtering the crew. The Kobolds create a distraction while a rob-wearing human emerges from under the deck with an ornate box containing two rings and an amulet. The wizard dons the items and uses the amulet to combust the boat while using illusions to render the parties attacks useless. The wizards jumps off the boat before it bursts into flames and enters the sewers with the party hot on his trail. Once the party arrives in the sewers the wizard appears to have vanished.

After taking time to search the sewers, a secret entrance is found to another section of tunnels below. The party is attacked by a large crocodile while disarming a trap on a door. The crocodile nearly kills Rodrick, while Jarden runs into the next room. As Rodrick enters the room, he is hit by the poison trap, causing him to fall unconscious. Rodrick remains unconscious for the next 8 hours, upon waking the group ventures further down into an underground lair. The area is inhabited with sleeping Kobolds which the group quickly and mercilessly dispatches. The group is unable to continue upon reaching a locked iron door too sophisticated to be picked. They venture back the way they came, nearly dying twice when they try to climb back out of the sewers.

Upon return the party finds a letter from Duggo thanking them for saving his life. Duggo says that he will be leaving the city to start a new life and leaves the dead to his house to the party. The party fixes up the house and hires a live-in servant to care for it. After three days Rodrick is instructed to meet with the guard captain Derek while Jarden does their normal patrol.

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